Retaining A Workers' Comp Law Firm To Handle Your Injury Claims

Posted on: 13 August 2021

An on-the-job accident can have long-lasting ramifications on both your life and career. It can leave you without the ability to return to work right away. It can also threaten your ability to support your family and earn an income.

Because you have so much at stake after you get hurt at work, you need to know what actions to take to protect yourself legally and financially as much as possible. You can begin by hiring a workers' comp law firm to handle your case.

Filing for Short Term Disability

When you cannot return to work right now but may be able to later after you heal from your injury, you may need to file for short-term disability benefits. You may already have these benefits in place at work. However, your employer might try to deny them to you and instead force you to use your saved up vacation or sick leave first.

When you want to save those days for when you come back to work, you can hire a workers' comp law firm to help you pursue short-term disability benefits that you have paid into at your job. Your legal team may be able to convince your employer to let you use those benefits and get the compensation that you need to support yourself and your family until you are well enough to back to your job.

Avoiding Repercussions at Work

You might fear filing for any kind of workers' compensation at work because of the possibility of repercussions for getting hurt. You may think that your employer will transfer you to another position that you prefer not to do. You also may think that your boss will cut your hours or pay or demote you for making a claim after your accident.

When you have a workers' comp law firm on retainer, you can protect yourself against unlawful and unmerited repercussions at work. Your legal team can make sure that any demotion, transfer, or loss of hours or pay is justified and can be proven. If your lawyer suspects that you have been punished for getting hurt at work, they can file legal action against your employer and help you win compensation and justice.

A workers' comp law firm can help you file for benefits after an on-the-job accident and injury. It can also protect you from unlawful repercussions at your job. For more information, reach out to a local law firm.